What Can Rehab Do for You

1. Rehab can literally save your life.
Drug and Alcohol abuse claims lives every day. Overdose, car accidents, or related diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc., are just a few of their consequences. If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, it should be no surprise that you’re at risk of these consequences every day. Going to rehab can save your life in so many different ways, both short term and long term. Bluestone Recovery offers 30, 60, and 90-day drug recovery programs, transitional living, sober living, and individualized and group therapy to me your specific needs.

2. Rehab can give you a new network of positive people in your life.
A common side effect of drug and alcohol abuse is bad company. People who encourage you to use and abuse drugs and alcohol have a negative influence on your ability to recover and stay sober. Rehab can give you the opportunity to connect with positive influences that share similar backgrounds and support your desire to get clean.

3. Rehab can give you back your sobriety.
Are you sick of being a slave to your addiction? Are you ready to make sober decisions, keep sober friends, attend activities sober and not live in regret anymore? Rehab can give you the opportunity to reclaim your life again, making it possible to attend functions and experience life events without the influence of substance abuse and addiction. At Bluestone, We create individualized programs that are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

4. Rehab can lead to better mental, spiritual and physical health.
Oftentimes drug and alcohol addiction affect more than just your physical health. Mental health issues and spiritual disconnections are very common amongst addicts. Rehab, especially ones that specialize in dual diagnosis, can help you work through all of these components of health, emphasizing the importance of holistic health both in rehab and in life. Our family at Bluestone Recovery celebrates the daily successes of patients on a daily basis.

5. Rehab gives you an opportunity to rebuild relationships in your life.
Broken relationships and burned bridges are oftentimes just part of the experience of drug and alcohol addiction. Can you think of people in your life that you wish you could reconnect with? Whether you want to rebuild relationships with close friends or family, rehab can help. Through education, therapy, visits and other resources, rehab will give you the skills to communicate effectively and rebuild the relationships in your life that are important to you. Bluestone Recovery’s 3-month drug treatment programs are designed to help change long-term attitudes and behaviors for your future outside of treatment and aid you in your path to complete recovery.

6. Rehab can give you your life back.
Addiction has taken your life from you. It has taken your friends, your family, your freedom, your money, your health, your hobbies, your time, and more. Rehab can help you get those things back, and help you live the life you are meant to live.

If you’re tired of the growing list of things that addiction has taken from you, call Bluestone Recovery today.

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