On-site Urine Analysis & Full Blood Panel Lab Work

Fully licensed and credited on-site laboratory

Laboratory glassware on glass table top

Bluestone Recovery has decided to go the extra mile beating everyone in its class to provide this new on-site service.

Every program and service at Bluestone Recovery was developed with the aim of providing quality service at affordable prices and quickest reach to our clients, and so our new urine and full blood analysis service has been created to fulfill this vision.

Using our new on-site urine and full blood analysis service you get:

  • Very accurate and fully acceptable (in any medical center) test analysis results
  • Urine and blood test services within reach and that is offered with the speed of light
  • Caring service

Right from the beginning of the whole story, Bluestone Recovery has been acclaimed for:

  • Utilizing only trained professionals who are very supportive to clients throughout their program.
  • Situating their treatment center in an environment that puts clients’ needs first and offering them a home away from home with utmost privacy.
  • Employing a proven treatment strategy to bring about a full rehab that touches the depths of the mind, body and soul…