How to Prevent Relapse

1. Temptation is not for you.
Say this out loud: I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE. Did you say it? Good. If a situation is tempting for you, don’t put yourself in that position. You have nothing to prove. You successfully completed rehab, you’re doing your best to stay sober, and if being in situations where drugs and/or alcohol are around or available bothers you, then just don’t go. Your old friends will call. If they’re too tempting for you, set boundaries and stick to them. You can do it!

2. Positive Support Networks are a must.
Loneliness after rehab is definitely a struggle. Your old friends still use and you’re out of rehab and set on a different life path. Don’t default to hanging out with bad influences because you’re too scared of making new friends. Rely on your family and other positive influences for support. Consult your local AA or NA groups and other drug/alcohol sobriety support groups and create new, healthy friendships and relationships that encourage you to maintain your new goals in life.

3. Healthy Schedules = Healthy People
Make a schedule! Routines are so helpful in staying on track. Maybe at first your routine needs to be really rigid, and then later you can make adjustments. Keep a calendar, use your smart phone, and/or write out a daily schedule in your notebook. Whatever works for you, do it. Giving yourself structure is going to help you make healthy decisions about your sobriety and your life daily.

4. Complacency is the worst.
Find what works for you, and stick with it! Losing motivation is common, but getting complacent will only lead you down the wrong path. What motivates you? Find a few things that really get you on track and make them yours. Bring in someone you trust as an accountability partner for those things, and celebrate with them your successes and discuss your failures. The only way to stay really motivated is keep moving forward, even when there are bumps in the road.

5. Relapse is not failure.
Don’t take this as license to relapse, but IF you do relapse, it’s not a failure. Maintaining your sobriety is tough, and there will be minor setbacks, but reach out and ask for help and you will get right back on track. Whether you need to check back in to a rehab program, or find more support through other avenues, you can and will succeed!

If you’re experiencing a relapse or you need extra support, Bluestone Recovery can help: We offer 30, 60, and 90-day drug and alcohol recovery programs, transitional living, sober living, and individualized and group therapy to me your specific needs. We create individualized programs that are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

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