Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Treating the whole person

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment centers offer treatment options for both chemical dependencies and mental health issues. Bluestone Recovery in Riverside California is a true dual diagnosis center in California. This facility offers diagnostic research indicating that many individuals who enter addiction treatment also portray at least one mental disorder. Dual diagnosis treatment facilities in Riverside address the mental health problems in conjunction with drug and or alcohol dependency. Each person is unique and needs treatment formulated for his or her specific needs.

Assessment and Evaluation

Bluestone Recovery offers a program centered around an individual and personal approach to assessment and treatment options. As a dual diagnosis rehab we provide treatment for mood and anxiety disorders, in addition to bipolar and PTSD disorders. Clients who have not been diagnosed will be evaluated for psychiatric and psychological issues. Additionally, an in-depth health review to include personal health history will be conducted. Patients who may already have an existing diagnosis will also receive evaluations by the interdisciplinary staff at Bluestone Recovery. Once a diagnosis has been discovered, patients will begin an individualized plan to help in their personal recovery from drug dependencies including narcotics, alcohol, Oxycontin, Ritalin, Cocaine, Meth, LSD and a variety of other drugs. Dual diagnosis centers in Riverside differ from other facilities through attention paid to the mental issues that need to be treated in addition to the chemical dependency. Bluestone Recovery will help patients recover by addressing all co occurring issues.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Encouraging patients to be honest about addictions in addition to mental health issues is an important aspect of dual diagnosis rehab. Bluestone Recovery in Riverside works to make sure patients receive all of the treatment they need instead of dropping out of rehab before overcoming the problem. Some patients may also have trouble accepting a mental health diagnosis and avoid being labeled with a mental disorder. It is often easier to accept a label of alcoholic instead of the dual diagnosis of alcoholism and depression. Both disorders will be addressed in a dual diagnosis rehab in Riverside.

Including the family is important to the treatment program at Bluestone Recovery. Family input can help staff understand a patient’s background and help in creating a personal treatment program. Both the patients and their loved ones will have the opportunity to attend educational classes and family therapy. Sometimes family dysfunction has contributed to a person’s addiction. Bluestone Recovery family specialists will help families understand the illness and explain new life skills the recovered patient will bring home after successfully completing treatment.

Bluestone Recovery is an excellent dual diagnosis treatment facility in Riverside. The professional staff will consider a patient’s entire health history to encourage a complete recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. People looking for a true dual diagnosis treatment center should visit Bluestone Recovery in Riverside.