Conditions Treated

35 years of experience in treatment

At Bluestone, we are dedicated to treating both the bodies and minds of our guests. Our approach for treating substance dependency and co-occurring disorders is extremely personal and individually focused. Each client has their own emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, and for them, we offer many different compassionate and responsive programs.

To help our potential guests better understand what we treat at our Drug Rehab Riverside, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list. We understand that addiction is a gripping disease. However, we believe our guests’ willpower to change is stronger. We love helping our guests travel each of their paths to recovery.

Reach out to our Drug Rehab Riverside. A life of empowerment is waiting to begin.

Recreational Drug Addiction

Recreational meth, heroin, and cocaine usage typically starts out as a supposedly benign. However, many people go from using these types of drugs recreationally to using them habitually and dependently. When guests approach us for treatment of recreational drug addiction, we immediately place them in a clinically supervised and comfortable detox program. The program typically lasts 24 to 72 hours. Afterwards, thorough care can begin to treat the addiction. We use a combination of critical courses and 12 step programs to help guests begin living empowered lives.

Alcohol Addiction

At our Alcohol Rehab Riverside, it’s our passion to help guests understand the roots of their addiction and facilitate recovery. Alcohol addiction often goes undetected in society due to cultural standards that normalize drinking alcohol. Alcohol dependency affects physical health, a person’s psychological state, relationships, careers, and entire lives. We are dedicated to providing an Alcohol Rehab Riverside treatment option that assists guests in working towards lives of sobriety.

Prescription Drug Addiction

At our Prescription Rehab Riverside, we see lots of individuals who are blindsided by their addictions to prescription medication. While prescription medication is given every day by doctors to individuals, it is one of the most addictive substances in the world. Our job is to make it easy for guests to understand the disease of addiction, even if they initially don’t believe that they have a problem. It’s our mission at Prescription Rehab Riverside to instill practical skills in guests so that they can return to a sober life without dependency.

Chemical Dependency & Co-Occurring Disorders

Many of our guests not only suffer from substance addiction, but also other untreated disorders. When addiction and other disorders are working against an individual, it is virtually impossible for recovery to take place. We have a specialized program dedicated to individuals who are suffering from addiction and associated psychiatric disorders. Associated disorders include anxiety, depression, ADD, and much more. Through treatment, we strive to work through these complex issues to help our guests restore their health and sobriety to normal.