The Hidden Link Between Autism and Addiction

It’s believed that people on the spectrum don’t get hooked on alcohol or other drugs. New evidence suggests they do Shane Stoner’s addiction began in 2008. He lost a factory job, his parents divorced, his father died—and then a relative introduced him to heroin. “I felt like heroin gave me confidence,” Stoner says. “I could […]

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7 Signs You Might Have An Addiction But Don’t Realize It

Nearly every mental illness has a stereotype attached to it — and these tropes are often over-generalized and straight-up inaccurate. For instance, when people think of the illness of addiction, they often picture a person who’s been fired from their job for showing up visibly inebriated, or imagine some version of the “strung out party […]

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The Importance of Physical Fitness and Recovery

Physical fitness and recovery needs to go hand in hand together, most especially if it’s your first time engaging with physical fitness and exercises. If you haven’t been exercising for years now, and you just started today, chances are, your muscles and, worst case scenario, your entire body will be sore. You might find it […]

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What Can Rehab Do for You

1. Rehab can literally save your life. Drug and Alcohol abuse claims lives every day. Overdose, car accidents, or related diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc., are just a few of their consequences. If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, it should be no surprise that you’re at risk of these consequences every day. Going to rehab can save your life in so many different ways, both short term and long term. Bluestone Recovery offers 30, 60, and 90-day drug recovery programs, transitional living, sober living, and individualized and group therapy to me your specific needs.

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How to Prevent Relapse

1. Temptation is not for you. Say this out loud: I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE. Did you say it? Good. If a situation is tempting for you, don’t put yourself in that position. You have nothing to prove. You successfully completed rehab, you’re doing your best to stay sober, and if being in situations where drugs and/or alcohol are around or available bothers you, then just don’t go. Your old friends will call. If they’re too tempting for you, set boundaries and stick to them. You can do it!

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Am I Addicted to Drugs?

1. Physical Appearance Have you noticed that your physical appearance has changed dramatically? Rapid or sudden weight loss, unusual cuts and/or bruises, unexplained or unusual sores, redness in the face or skin rashes, red or irritated eyes, tooth decay or gum problems, odor on clothing or body are signs of drug addiction. 2. Health Problems Have you developed health issues that weren’t there before, or have more severe symptoms now? Fatigue, irregular sleeping patterns, nosebleeds, vomiting, headaches, memory loss, seizures, dry mouth, and persistent illness are just a few of the effects of patterned drug use.

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Group Therapy
90 Day Drug Treatment

Struggling with addiction? Ready to make positive changes to your life? Bluestone Recovery’s comprehensive addiction treatment programs help successfully rehabilitate lives every day. Our drug and alcohol treatment center continually invests in the most advanced treatment resources available. We utilize the most current and researched methods and knowledge of how medicine, therapy, and technology work together to accomplish sobriety.

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