Am I Addicted to Drugs?

1. Physical Appearance 
Have you noticed that your physical appearance has changed dramatically? Rapid or sudden weight loss, unusual cuts and/or bruises, unexplained or unusual sores, redness in the face or skin rashes, red or irritated eyes, tooth decay or gum problems, odor on clothing or body are signs of drug addiction.

2. Health Problems
Have you developed health issues that weren’t there before, or have more severe symptoms now? Fatigue, irregular sleeping patterns, nosebleeds, vomiting, headaches, memory loss, seizures, dry mouth, and persistent illness are just a few of the effects of patterned drug use.

3. Problems at Work or School
Have you lost your ability to perform regular work or school functions? Being chronically late or absent, and experiencing difficulties with co-workers/leadership are a few signs of drug addiction

4. Changes in Activity Levels
Have you lost interest in favorite activities? Are you breaking promises or making excuses for your actions? Are you avoiding friends and family, or disappearing at odd times?

5. Personality Changes
Have you or your friends noticed that your personality fluctuates in extremes? Common signs of drug abuse are sudden loss of conscience or inhibition, loud or obnoxious behavior, out of character isolation, excitement, or hyperactivity.

6. Mental Health Issues
Have you developed mild, moderate or severe mental health issues? Drug users often show symptoms because many drugs chemically alter the brain. These signs can include paranoia, hearing voices, compulsive actions, and lack of focus.

7. Emotional Volatility
Have you been affected by sudden or unexplained depression, mood swings or hostility, and aggression? Drugs are classified as stimulants and depressants, which can lead to extreme mood altering behaviors.

8. Problems at Home
Do you lock doors or engage in secretive behavior? Have you been stealing medication, alcohol, cleaners, or other chemical products to get high?

9. Loss of Possessions
One of the most common signs of drug addiction is the presence pipes or homemade apparatuses for drug purposes. The drug user may also sell personal items to buy drugs, or borrow or steal money regularly to keep up with their habit.

10. Broken or Unhealthy Relationships
Have you been hanging out with a new crowd? Do you have new friends that you won’t introduce or speak about? Have you abruptly broken ties with close friends or family? There may be an addiction present.

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