Acupuncture in Rehab

Healing the Body. Mind and Spirit

shutterstock_148466006Acupuncture has been used as a healing practice for many centuries, and has proven its effectiveness for a wide range of symptoms, including stress reduction, addiction and mental health. Acupuncture therapy in rehab can help curb cravings and balance urges in the brain. Despite its “alternative” label, doctors have seen measurable results and are more willing to incorporate acupuncture into a standard treatment model than ever before.

Traditional Chinese medicine, which invented acupuncture therapy, places an emphasis on the different organ systems and neural pathways within our bodies, and strives to bring each part of them into balance. Physical pain, emotional distress, and cravings can all be treated by using acupuncture therapy in rehab.

Acupuncture influences the way the brain processes the stress hormone cortisol, and increases the release of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. Patients struggling with addiction can find a great benefit to shift their brain’s action into a increase in uplifting hormones along the opioid neural pathways.

There are other specific pathways in the body associated with the kidney, liver, lung and spleen that specifically aid in detoxification. Stimulating these points with acupuncture therapy will build up the bodies system and help shed damage done to the body by an unbalanced lifestyle.

Acupuncture can help cope patients cope with symptoms of illness and release stress, It also addresses underlying conditions that may be at the root cause of disease.

Often, addicts are not simply getting high, but are attempting to self-medicate. Acupuncture therapy can help assist neurochemicals and hormones to flow appropriately within the body. Patients suffering from a wide variety of issues, such as gambling addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, OCD, binge eating disorder, sex addiction, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and depression have been able to find relief that might otherwise be untreatable and while avoiding side-effects of traditional pharmaceuticals.

Bluestone Recovery of Riverside, California is pleased to offer our patients access to a national board certified acupuncturist. He has over 10 years experience in the recovery community and in private practice. We aim to provide access to both conventional and “alternative” healing modalities, as long as they are proven to show results.

National average Relapse Rate

Below is the National Average Relapse Rate per addiction.


    “In October 2011, I checked into Serenity Lodge, a residential treatment facility in Lake Arrowhead, CA. I stayed there successfully for one year until October 2012, and Mike Lyons was my counselor throughout my stay. I credit Mike for truly saving my life! I was suffering from multiple addictions, which were rooted in severe depression. Mike possesses a unique combination of qualities which helped guide me to a new way of thinking & to a sober life: he is compassionate, fair, bright, non-judgmental, insightful, a great listener, and his many years of sobriety speaks volumes about his successful approach. Because of Mike, I am now 3 1/2 years sober (with zero relapses), I have my 3 children solidly back in my life, and I am blessed with a wonderful new perspective as I look to my future. Thank you Mike, I am eternally grateful to you!!”

    Neil Winterrowd

    Serenity Lodge Alumni (2012)

    “I awoke on a very dark road at 35 years old and I was deeply lost. I stumbled upon a wonderful piece of hope and it came in the form of a mentor and counsellor by the name of Mike Lyons. Addiction is a touchy subject and Mike made it clear to me that I could change who I was and who I wanted to become. I am forever grateful to him.”

    Nelson C. Pierce (2015)

    “I met Mike Lyons during 2012 and was placed on his case load for approximately 6 months. It was not my first time in a treatment facility and I tend to set the bar high for case managers. Mike greatly exceeded my high expectations. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. I quickly found that Mike is easy to converse with. He listens and gives feedback in a non-judgmental fashion that puts you at ease. I always felt I could be completely honest with Mike. He is also quite knowledgeable in the field of addiction. Mike used his years of experience as a case manager as well as his personable experience to facilitate stimulating and practical small groups. I feel fortunate to have had the experience of working with Mike and he continues to check up on me periodically. Most of all, he truly cares for all his clients.”

    Neal Hayes

    “In March of 2013 I entered an alcohol treatment program, with the intent of getting my life back on track after a being arrested for a DUI. I entered treatment a broken man with a promising future. The DUI was not my first and I was going to start a Master’s program at well-respected top notch university. Needless to say I had everything to lose. Michael Lyon was my counselor throughout 2014. Mike’s experience proved to be a great asset in my journey towards sobriety and recovery. I could always depend on Mike to lend an ear and offer sound advice. The advice and mentoring that he unselfishly offered, saw me through some of the darkest most depressing days of my life. Mike genuinely cares for his clients. Over the course of six months we communicated daily, his genuine concern for my well-being and recovery was paramount. Although it may sound as if I was his only client, he provided the same level of compassion and care for all his clients and people in the recovery community gravitated towards him in an effort to “have what he has”. Today I still keep in Contact with Mike and ask his advice from time to time.”


    “Mike Lyons is a true life saver. My son and our family were blessed to have had Mike counsel and care for our son, and through his love and dedication, Mike succeeded in bringing our son back to his prior health and happiness, and indeed actually making him healthier and happier than he had ever been before. I will consider myself forever blessed and fortunate because of Mike’s caring and expert care. Mike does a lot more than help rehabilitate lives, he makes living truly enjoyable and meaningful. Our son has been doing very well, and our entire family today is happy and healthy, because of Mike. Mike has been God’s gift to us. We are so glad that we selected Mike from the start, to help our son and our family heal and succeed.”

    Bob M.

    “I’ve been in numerous rehabs and have had many case managers, but I can honestly say that Mike Lyons was the most engaging case manager I’ve ever had. He showed sincere interest in my thoughts and direction in the program. He’s kept me working on my sobriety for longer than any other program I have been to. I can believe he will be a definite positive asset to anyone he pulls under his wing. Generally he’s an all around good guy.”

    Greg Caston