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Bluestone Recovery Dedicated to Client Centered Care

Bluestone Recovery is a Riverside Out-Patient Treatment Center located in Southern California. Offering a safe comfortable and confidential location, Bluestone Recovery sets itself apart from other Riverside Rehabs. At Bluestone our experienced staff and cutting edge program will assist you every step of the way on your journey to a new clean and sober life. Unlike most treatment centers, Bluestone truly cares, we understand the pain addiction can cause in your life. Take the first step toward a new beginning, Call Us Today.

Our Riverside IOP specializes in treatment for those who can’t afford time off from work or their family’s to do in-patient treatment. Our intensive out patient program in Riverside is perfect for you. We will design a treatment plan to fit your needs, we are open 6-days a week and provide flexible schedules.

We offer intensive out patient, out-patient and aftercare services and drug screening in the Riverside community. We accept most insurance policies and we are State of California Certified with the Department of Drug and Alcohol. Call for a confidential screening and begin your new life today.

Outpatient Detox
The Difference of Experience

With over 35 years in combined experience, our gifted and talented staff is ideally positioned to help guide you on your path to recovery. At Bluestone we offer a variety of therapy disciplines allowing for fully customized treatment plans. We have the ability to cater to addiction as well as secondary mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Treating these co-occurring disorders allows us to approach addiction at its source and provide lasting results.

Why Do I need Detox?

Detox is one of the most dangerous stages in recovery. Unsupported detox from many substances can lead to dangerous and fatal results. Contact our team today to find out the need for detox in your particular situation.

Why do I need treatment?

Treatment provides the tools necessary to establish lasting recovery. There is no cure for addiction. Often times there are co-occurring conditions that require intensive therapy, treatment provides a means to deal with all the conditions that exist surrounding the individual.

What does Treatment Cost?

Great question. Treatment can be extremely expensive. However, our experienced team of insurance professionals will be able to maximize your benefits to allow for minimum to no out of pocket cost to you. Our affordable Riverside rehab is the ideal choice for treatment, regardless of your budget.

Client Centered Care

Our dedication to client centered care is the foundation of our program. Providing individualized treatment plans, allows for us to deliver the maximum benefit for each client.

Effective Treatment

With treatment modalities founded in proven methodologies Bluestone Recovery in Riverside offers the most effective rehab available. We believe that building a solid foundation is paramount to developing lasting sobriety.

Affordable Treatment

Cost when it comes to treatment is important. We believe that everyone deserves the best possible treatment. At Bluestone we strive minimize your out of pocket expense and in many cases eliminate it. Treatment is within reach!

Drug Overdoes

2.5 million ER visits a year are related to drug overdoes or drug misuse. This number is growing substantially each year. Don’t be part of this statistic.

Alcohol Related Deaths

Annually there are 88,000 related alcohol deaths per year. Alcohol and drug related deaths are growing rapidly. Bluestone recovery can help prevent you from becoming another statistic.

Drug Related Arrests

Drug related charges account for 1.5 million total arrests per year. These charges stay on your record for significant periods of time. Get help today and help prevent yourself from damaging your record.

Lives Impacted

The number of lives impacted by drugs an alcohol are countless. Mothers, fathers, coworkers, wife, husbands, and children are just a few. The list is endless. Addiction affects the entire family. Call today to stop the pain.

Our Team

Bluestone Recovery prides itself on having the best staff possible

Michael J Lyons, LAADC

Michael is the CEO and founder of Bluestone Recovery he has over 14-years experience in the field of substance abuse treatment. He has worked in every modality of treatment. He enjoys helping addicts and alcoholics get out of the madness of addiction and helping them to get there lives back, He is a father of four and enjoys the outdoors and fishing.

Dr. Michael Valdez
Medical Director

Dr. Veldez has many years of experience in the treatment of substance abuse disorder. He enjoys the outdoors and is a father of one.

Lisa Dryan

Graduated from USC with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and has worked as the Director of Mental Health for a non-profit for several years as well as working for a county mental health agency for over 10 years. Her specialties are women with perinatal mental health disorders, children and adolescents, special needs children and famlies, as well as depression and anxiety disorders in adults. She is very interested in using positive psychology in her work with individuals and families.

Tawnee Lyons
Health Care Administrator

Tawnee Lyons is our Health Care Administrator, Human Resources Manager, Urine Analysis Specialist, and serves as secretary on the Board of Directors. She is an amazing mother to her three children, two boys and one girl. She graduated as an Emergency Medical Technician in 2009, then as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in 2012, and is currently working on her degree majoring in Healthcare Administration, minoring in electronic medical records. Tawnee is very compassionate and understanding when it comes to you or your loved ones’ addiction.

Angie Lyons
Vice President

Angie works the front office and adds a great family affect to Bluestone, Angie is fluent in Spanish and is very good at her job. She is a mother of a wonderful son, enjoys the outdoors, arts and crafts.


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Sommersraye Ebright, RADT-I
Case Manager

Sommersraye is originally from Redlands CA. He has been living in Riverside CA for almost a year. “Sommers”interned for 4 months for Bluestone Recovery. He is now employed as a case manager and the house manager for Bluestone Manor Sober Living. Sommers has since finished school and plans to take his RADT-II test. Sommers enjoys working with people in the recovery environment and thrives helping others. For fun, he enjoys going on day trips to the beach, going to meetings, and trying new food.

Physician Assistant

Coming soon…

Case Manager

Shawna graduated from Intercoast College as an Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselor. She is now preparing for her CADC exam. Shawna is a recovering alcoholic/addict and is an active member of the 12 step programs. She is passionate about helping others recovery from alcoholism/addiction and wants to be a HOPE dealer. Shawna enjoys spending time with her family, being of service to the community and other alcoholic/addicts.

Join our team
Job Title

To learn more about our open positions or to apply for a job contact Mike at mikel@bluestonerecovery.com Bluestone is always looking for new employees to join our exciting team!